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Grades 6-12 Back On Campus

Grades 6-12 Begin On-Campus Instruction March 30

We want to remind everyone of the importance of following safety protocols as students in grades 6-12 return to school on Tuesday, March 30, 2021.

West Ada School District implemented the following infection prevention measures at the onset of the school year and these protocols will continue through the end of the school year:

Attention to hand hygiene

  • Verbal prompting
  • Increase access to hand sanitizer (2500 wall mounted hand sanitizer dispensers were installed throughout buildings)
  • Visual prompts – posters in the halls and at classroom doors
  • Education to staff and students (stay home if you are sick)

Cleaning and disinfecting measures
  • Victory Sprayer utilized in classrooms

Ventilation system improvements

  • Increase air exchange from 3-4 times per hour to 5-6 times per hour in each building.
  • Installation of high efficiency filters
  • Strategic placement of students/staff in relation to air intakes

Encouraging meals outside when weather permits

Mask exemptions – fewer than 1 percent of students/staff have a mask exemption.

Social distancing to the best of abilities

Limiting interactions with use of pods and lesson plan adjustments

Mandatory seating charts

Traffic flow patterns


The alternating day schedule is no longer in effect while middle and high school students are in school Tuesday-Friday and learning remotely on Mondays.

Elementary school students continue learning on campus every weekday, with early release on Mondays.