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Virtual School House Continues Providing Quality Education to Learners

August 6, 2021 - West Ada School District’s Virtual School House (VSH) continues teaching quality instruction to students in the 2021-2022 school year. This online-only school has been around for about a decade, expanding its programming last school year to suit the needs of an ever-growing online learning community.


The perks of a VSH include: 

  • Flexible schedule – All class lessons are recorded. Students may attend live class lessons or watch the recording. Classes meet daily, as well as small group and individual meetings multiple times per week. Teachers have office hours. 
  • Moving students – Students moving into the school district mid-semester can attend VSH and pick up credits instead of potentially losing credits. 
  • Health – Students can receive treatment without missing classes. 
  • Travel – Students with traveling activities can still participate in school by attending live classes when possible and watching recorded lessons. Students can complete required assignments anywhere that has an internet connection. 
  • Early graduates – VSH requires 46 credits to graduate. Many students can graduate quarters or even a full year early. 
  • Special services – VSH is a collaborative school partnering with other campuses to design an education experience which fits the needs of students requiring additional supports. 


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