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Parking Lot Traffic Flow Map


  • There is one way traffic around the drop off/pick up loop
  • Additional drop off/pick up locations along the east side of the building (see map and reference the light blue arrows)
  • A bus only lane - no bus traffic in the main lot
  • A 3 lane entrance and a separate 2 lane exit

As always, allow for extra travel time when traveling to and from the school. Patience and respect is a necessity in the parking lot, and we must always exercise caution as we are traveling where children may be walking. 

If the drop off/pick up areas are full, cars must move into the lot and park in a designated parking spot.  Traffic cannot line up in the street.  Cars should not wait along the landscape islands as this puts students at risk as they must walk through waiting and moving traffic to reach your vehicle.  Additionally, it hinders the expected flow of traffic, causing unnecessary congestion.

The bus lane is now a 2-way lane that is for bus traffic only and not accessible from the main lot.  There should be no parent vehicles in this lane


Please click the link for a diagram of the lot and traffic flow. 

Parking Lot Map