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LSMS No Nonsense Fundraiser

Support our LSMS student and staff!

See attached flier, for more information: LSMS Donation Flier

  • Volunteer time and $ donations make a world of difference to the learning experiences of our LSMS students. Our PTA would like to provide these both in ways that are effective and efficient.
  • Throughout the year we may hold a few events that bring in a bit of money, but we don’t do fundraising activities that ask students to sell items. We prefer activities that allow for all or most of the $ received to directly to student needs.
  • Take a look at the box to the left and let us know how you may be able to help this year. Thank you!
  • In the past few years we have provided math software licenses, updated atlases & globes, labor sensors & probes, mall area tables and chairs, Math Counts & National Jr. Honor Society support, drama club headsets, dance team shirts, and many other academic and activity items that will be used for many years and belong to LSMS.
  • Our teachers and staff work wonders with the resources they have, and can do so much more with what we are able to provide through donations. Each request is reviewed for student need, maximum student coverage, and support of the LSMS mission.
  • Thanks again for your help, and please feel free to contact a LSMS PTA Board Member for more information at

    President- Sara Slatter
    VP- Brandi Bentley
     Secretary- Emily Anderson
     Treasurer- Amy Mgonja