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June 1st Summer Send Off & Yearbook Distribution

We invite you to join us on June 1st at Sawtooth Middle School from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm for a summer
sendoff! We are encouraging parents to use our bus lane behind the school to drive their student(s)
through the area to pick up yearbooks if purchased and to greet teachers. If a parent is unable to drive a
student, we will allow students to use the sidewalk to walk through the area. However, for social
distancing purposes, we will not allow students to congregate. They will be required to keep moving
through the area. Please reference the map on the next page for details. At the Verification Station, staff
will verify that all financial obligations are taken care of (no fines, etc.), textbooks, library books, and key
cards have been returned, and lockers have been cleaned out. At the Distribution Station, students will
receive a yearbook if they’ve purchased one. Parents and students will not need to exit their vehicle in
order to get their yearbook. If a student has been recognized by a teacher for his/her achievement,
improvement, or citizenship, they will receive a certificate and medal at this station. Staff will be lining
the sidewalk near the exit to greet students and send them off for the summer. We look forward to seeing

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