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** NEW ** School Visitor Expectations

In an effort to increase safety for our students, West Ada Schools have adopted two pieces of technology that will be in place this year:

  1. Access control.  At all the large middle and high schools, students will be issued ID cards that allow them to enter buildings by swiping the card across a reader located at the main entrances to our buildings.  Installing this equipment helps schools make sure that staff know who is in our buildings and keeps strangers from entering undetected.  Many elementary schools also have access control devices on the front doors (all elementary schools will have this equipment by next school year).
  1. Visitor Management System.  West Ada has also installed a new visitor management system in all 55 of our schools.   Upon entering a school. Please proceed to the front office to sign in.  You will be asked to provide your driver’s license or other official form of ID, which will be scanned or manually entered into the RaptorTech Visitor Management System.  The system will quickly check the identity on the card with the national sex offender registry.  Under Idaho Code, anyone on this list is not allowed entrance into a public school.  Once this background check is complete, your ID will be returned along with a temporary visitor badge that features your name, picture, date, and purpose of your visit.  On subsequent visits, you can choose to scan your ID or us the “QuickFind” feature to easily sign in and out of the school.  A visitor’s badge will not be necessary, but a valid form of photo ID must be presented to verify your identity when signing out a student.

For visitors, the main entrances to our schools have a button that guests press to gain entrance.  The button alerts office staff that a guest is requesting access to the school.  The staff can then verify who is at the front door and release the door lock.  This process may take a moment, so please be patient for the sake of our students’ safety.

Safety is the first priority in West Ada, and these two new systems will better ensure that our students are in a safe and inviting learning environment.  If you have any questions, please ask the front office staff at your school the next time you stop by for a visit.