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Clubs & Organizations

MVHS Clubs & Organizations



Art Club

Laura Ritzer, Art, Rm A5

            *Description, meeting dates, etc. are still being worked out.


BPA (Business Professionals of America)

Julie Hill, Accounting & Web Design & Finance, Rm 203

This is a great club to join! Business Professionals of America is the leading Career and Technical Student Organization for students pursuing careers in Business Management, Office Administration, Information Technology and other related career fields. Being in BPA means that you will learn skills in leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills. There are competitions at the Regional, State, and National levels. Some of the prizes are scholarships! The National Conference this year is in Orlando, Florida!  Can you say road trip?!! :0)


Club Unify

Jennifer Crowl, CTP Para, 212-3 

Club Unify supports students with and without intellectual disabilities in giving them opportunities to participate alongside each other in various activities.  Meetings and upcoming events will be posted and made on announcements.  We have bi-weekly meetings held at lunch. The students participate in fundraisers, community projects and Unified Special Olympics.


Debate and Competitive Speech Club

Sara Bell, Compt. Speech & Debate, Portable 4A

Students don't have to be in the class to compete. We do for sport what others fear more than death: Public Speaking. We debate current topics and compete with other schools in different styles of speech.



Don Howell, High School of Business, Rm 213

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. DECA is a great way to network and make lasting relationships with people from all around the country and globe. It also prepares you for the business world and teaches you how to strategize and be successful in today’s business and networking areas. Along with improving your skills, there are also opportunities to have fun. Last year the MVHS DECA chapter had six members go to Orlando, Florida for the ICDC National conference. All six members had a great time and made so many new friends and memories at Disney World and Universal Studios. This year ICDC is in Nashville, Tennessee and as a club we all hope to make it there. We will also be attending practice regionals in Northern Idaho and State Competition in Boise.  


Drag Racing Team

Jami Cureton, American Character, Portable 3B

This team does exactly what it sounds like - they are a group of students who take their personal vehicles and drag race out at Firebird Raceway. Their cars don't need to be fast, they just need to be consistent.  Students can also earn their Letter in it!


Drama Club

Gloria Duhaime, Acting, Rm A8

Camilla Boylan, Stagecraft: Costume Design, Rm A7, Amber Amoureux, Stagecraft: Set Design, Rm A7

We have a Drama Club where students can Letter in Theatre!  Every fall we do a food drive where the proceeds go to the Meridian Food Bank.  We are also part of the Thespian Society.



Cathy Curtis, Math, Rm 321

            FCA is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  FCA does have an athletic emphasis, and that is usually a common denominator among members, but over the years, as it has grown, we have many people that are not involved in sports, so it has become more of a Bible study group and an opportunity to spend time with other Christians, meet them, and have chances to encourage one another.  We typically meet on Fridays during lunch.



Tera Hudson, Rm 204

FCCLA is the Family Community and Career Leaders of America.  The ultimate leadership experience for students. Get involved in helping make your high school experience one you won't forget. Travel, Lead, and get involved in a STAR event and choose which future career or community need you want to address. National Convention will be in Nashville, Tennessee this year.

Weekly meetings and lifelong friends when you join Mountain Views Local FCCLA Chapter!


FFA Meridian Chapter

Trish Stokes, Agricultural Science and Technology, Room 206

Lorraine Wikoff, Agricultural Science and Technology, Room 208


The National FFA Organization, formerly the Future Farmers of America, is a nationally recognized intra-curricular activity. We operate a joint chapter with all of the high schools in the Meridian School district. Meridian FFA is an agricultural, technology and natural resource based student organization; students in our organization have opportunities to travel to activities including State Convention in Twin Falls, State Career Developments in Moscow, Idaho; National Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the Washington Leadership Conference in Washington D.C, amongst other local activities. You don't have to raise an animal to be in FFA! You must, however, be enrolled in at least one agriculture class (Hort I, Hort II, Botany Plant and Soil, Small Engines, Intro to Mech, Personal Skills, Intro to Animal Science, Zoology and any Ag Classes at the Meridian Professional Technical Center).  FFA is a highly recognized activity for college applications - our purpose is to provide premier leadership, personal growth, and career success.


French Club

Kelly Schlup, French 1,2,3,4, Rm 106

French Club is a place where students can come together to share their love of French and of the French culture. We often have cultural parties where we enjoy various French foods, from Orangina to goat cheese and honey pizza. We will be having crepe-making nights once a month and we always make sure to celebrate holidays the French way. French club is a great way for students to supplement their education of France through hands-on culture!


German Club

Cassie Shelton, German, Rm 117

Rebecca Mason, German, Rm 115

German Club provides an opportunity for German enthusiasts to come together and have fun with and learn more about German culture.  It is for students of German and their friends who enjoy all things German--like German cars, soccer, pretzels, yodeling, chocolate, gummi bears, and music.  German Club activities are a great way to meet new friends with a common interest and to explore German culture more in depth than you can in class.  German Club activities are planned every other month by the German Club officers.  Past activities have included a German movie fest with soft pretzels, decorating the Homecoming Float, activities with visiting German exchange students, Einstein Pie/Pi Day trivia challenge and the annual Hunt for the Christmas Pickle which takes place the week before Christmas break. 


“Historically Speaking” (History Club)

John Rollins, History, Rm 112

Jason Miraya, History, Rm G4

The Historically Speaking history club was started at the beginning of second semester last year. The club is for students who enjoy history, and having fun.

Our entire mission is to have fun. We held three events last semester:

  • Movie and pizza night: We reserved the lecture hall and watched a movie from 3PM until 5PM. We then had a pizza party in Mr. Rollins’ room. After dinner we returned to the lecture hall and watched a second movie.
  • We had a field trip and toured the Old Penitentiary, then met at Fanci-Freeze in Boise for lunch.
  • We had a picnic/BBQ in the park just past the soccer field, and played Frisbee, horseshoes, and tossed around a football or two.


On September 21st we are taking an all-day field trip to Baker, Oregon, to tour the Oregon Trail Interpretive Museum. Afterwards we’re headed to McDonalds for lunch before returning home.

One of our long-range goals is to take a trip (next spring break) to Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York City.


HOSA - Health Occupations Students of America

Taylor Clark, Health Professions & Sports Medicine Instructor, Rm 318

Shayla Foster, Health Professions & Sports Medicine Instructor, Rm 318

It's a student run club that competes in competitions within the health-care industry. Students in the Sports Medicine program are able to join this club.  Here's the info from HOSA’s website:

"HOSA's two-fold mission is to promote career opportunities in the health care industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people."


Key Club (Community Involvement)

Bill Driscoll, Government, Rm 309

Key Club International is the high school organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. Key Club assists Kiwanis in carrying out its mission to serve the children of the world. High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district and international levels.



“MavROOKS” Chess Club

Nick Robinson, Rm 403

Strategists and logical thinkers of all grade levels are welcome here!  Our primary objective – other than completely annihilating our opponents – is having fun, building friendships, and learning how to problem solve through chess!  Chess can teach us a lot about life and ourselves, as well as how to handle adversity when it comes our way. 

            Aside from our weekly casual lunchtime gatherings and games that keep our rapier-like wits razor sharp, we also have official monthly meetings, enter monthly Idaho Scholastic chess tournaments, fundraise for the club and/or community, represent our school at the State Tournament, and host our own tournament within the MavROOKS club itself! 


NHS (National Honor Society)

Leslie Younger, English, Rm P7b (Portable 7b)

As the coordinator, I invite new members, host an induction ceremony, keep track of hours, and keep officers accountable. As a club, we perform service hours around the community (25 hours each a year) and maintain the top 10% of GPA's in the school.


Physics Club

Rm 404

Physics club's mission is to promote kids' interest in science. The club prepares and presents physics demo shows at elementary schools and science events. For the last 10 years or so our club has presented around 10-15 shows each school year. The club is open to all students. No prior physics knowledge is needed.

Meetings this year will be on Wednesdays at 3pm in Mr. Hans' room (422). Sometimes the meeting will be short (10 min) and other times it will go until 4pm. It all depends on what upcoming presentations we need to get prepared.


Robotics Club: “The Bullbots” ( Meetings will be held at TBA- open to all District Students)

We do community outreach during our “non-competition” season- to encourage younger kids to stay excited about science. During competition- we have 6 weeks to design- build- test- revise- a robot to complete a specified task. We compete against teams from all over the country. Our members do anything from designing robot parts- to building- to doing presentations, and maintaining social media.

We will make announcements for potential members about upcoming meetings.



Terra Frei, Graphic Arts, A2

Mike Gartner, Video Tech, Rm 104

Sheila Boester, Art & Photography, Rm 201

SkillsUSA is the student organization for Photo, Video and Graphic Design. We do community service and exciting fundraising events as well as competing in skills and leadership contests at local, state and national events. We are Champions at's better to work harder and smarter!!


Snow Team

Shaylon Black, Spanish, Rm 109   

We compete at Bogus Basin against all the schools in the Treasure Valley. We have six Saturday races and three Thursday races. We have one major competition at the end of the year. All levels of Snowboarders and Skiers can compete.


Student Council/Leadership/Advanced Leadership

Heather Fisher,  P1 (Portable 1)

Student Council, Leadership, and Advanced Leadership makeup the largest volunteer organization at MVHS. There is a class for each of the councils that you can apply to be in or run for each spring. These councils put on numerous activities throughout the year including but not limited to assemblies, homecoming, blood drives, winter charity, staff appreciation, student recognition, the Mr. MVHS pageant, and prom, as well as running the student store and putting on many other events/programs.


TSA (Technology Student Association)

Charles Deem & Lisa Bird, Pre-Engineering, Rm 210

Technology Student Association (TSA) is a co-curricular (tied into class subject matter) student leadership organization with a mission to foster personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in technology, innovation, design, and engineering.  Some of these activities include workshops, team building activities, social opportunities, and the opportunity to compete in diverse competitions such as career prep, CAD, dragster design, desktop publishing, engineering design, video production, public speaking, glider design, video game design, and robotics.


Writing Center

Shauna Steglich, English, Rm 407

The MVHS Writing Center is a student-run enterprise in which students provide one-on-one peer tutoring for a variety of writing assignments. Students can sign up for a tutoring session that fits their schedule and receive the assistance they need to not only improve their performance on specific assignments, but improve their writing skills overall.



Kristen Fields, Graphic Arts, A2

            Participate in generating ideas for and putting together the MVHS Yearbook.  Recognized statewide and more as being one of the best yearbooks around!