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Detention Times


Detention this week: May 20-25

Lunch Detention:

  • Monday: Tuinstra P3B/ Reed-Heuer P4B
  • Tuesday: Blumhardt 228/ Reynolds 219
  • Wednesday: Reynolds 219/ Reed-Heuer P4B
  • Thursday: Leitch 112/ Blumhardt 228
  • Friday: Tuinstra P3B/ Reed-Heuer P4B

Wedesday After School- Ward Rm 115/Leitch Rm 112

Saturday School May 25, 9-12. Ward Rm 115 and Reed-Heuer.  Be in the four corners by 8:55 and do NOT bring in your cell phones. Do bring work to do, or a book to read. There is only 6 weeks left to serve for tardies and truancies or you will lose credit. Get those tardies and truancies served!