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2015-2016 Middle School BALANCE #1

Title: A Place for Me

Music by:  Ola Gjeilo and Jean-Philippe Goude

Choreography by:  Rachel Swenson and dancers

Artistic Director:  Rachel Swenson

Dancers:  Sophia Clark, Kalie Dow, Emma Edwards, Halle Hanson, Elizabeth Judge, Gabrielle Morales, Hannah Pfefferle, Emma Quam, Amalia Romero, Kate Shipp, Cassandra Thomson, Emma Vardeman, Kait Ware, Sierra Warren

Vocalists directed by:  Leigh Falconer

Pianist:  Christian Nielsen

Vocalists:  Lauren Fee, Tara Hawkins, Alex Kooren, Lexi Ritchie, Will Thompson, Gabriella Arriaga, Greer Barker, Warren Bodily, Faith Hanson, Marissa Marczak, Amree Burton, Zoey Kozlowski, Sariah Larsen, Savannah Rogers, Cassidy Sherburne, Grace Thompson

Musicians directed by:  Micah Claffey

Violins:  Amy Eichelberger, Jocelyn Thomson, Kaitee Genther

Viola: Kayce Guthmiller

Cellos:  Micah Claffey, Martha Parker

Artist statement:  Arc, balance, curve, drop, envelop, flick, grab, hold, imprint, jump, kick, lunge, melt, nod, open, press, quake, roll, slice, trace, ungulate, vibrate, walk, extremely slow, yank, zigzag. This dance began with improvisational play. Through dancers exploring object reading of a chair, a group movement alphabet, prepositional phrase play, and musical chairs, Rachel Swenson and the dancers created solos, duets, trios, quartets, and large group dance studies. The studies were overlapped and ordered in a way to make a complete two-part dance. The big idea of this dance is that no matter how many chairs, or how little chairs, there is always a place for everyone.

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