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FabSLAM: 3D printing contest

FabSLAM: 3D printing contest. We began with a group of 14 and the team of 5 that represented BMSA in the Western FabSLAM Student Showcase was the Water Warriors. They did a great job last weekend and competed against teams from the western region in grades 5th-9th. The team projects will be on display in the cases outside the window next week. 


Team Redfish: Alternative to fish ladders to lesson stress on Salmon.


Air Separaters: Device to extract nitrogen from polluted air.


Water Warriors: Filter system in storm drains to keep trash from Boise river and protect wildlife.


BAZH: New robotic drilling device with a vacuum system for dust and mined materials for use in Idaho mines to prevent lung diseases.


APT's: A plant filtration system to clean the air around the sugar beet factory and other industrial plants. 


FabSlam Group 2

FabSlam Directions