What about transportation when the class is taught off-campus at a CTE center?

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Transportation will be provided to and from the home high school to an off-campus site where students take CTE magnet program classes. In the event of minimal ridership, students will be notified and given an option to provide their own transportation or choose an alternate class. The specific requirements of a class may include an extern or internship at an industry site or collaboration of some kind with a local business partnership.  If so, those classes specify that it requires a student to be able to self-transport. See your home high school's current course description handbook and find the CTE Magnet Program section to know which courses are identified with a blue car icon. If so, the class does require that students must provide their own transportation.  If there is an existing bus running to and from the technical center from a home high school students are welcome to ride those buses if they have class at the center, yet no bus will be scheduled for such classes that require self-transport.


Busing schedules and Self Transportation Forms are found under the menu item titled "Transportation".