What else should I know about these special program offerings?

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•West Ada School District uses labor market data in deciding which career-aligned program classes to offer.

•Students in a capstone class (the final class of the sequence of program classes) are required to take a Technical Skills Assessment to demonstrate competency in workplace readiness and/or technical skills.

•Students may earn college credits in several Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs classes. See menu item "College Credits and CTE Advanced Opportunities".

•All CTE students are encouraged to get involved in student organizations related to their CTE programs. Their participation leads to leadership skills, opportunitites to attend and participate in professional conferences and competion in their related career field. It is a way for them to appy their technical skills, and also to network with business and industry liasons. 

•The State Board of Education is responsible to execute the laws of the state of Idaho relative to career and technical education, administer state and federal funds, and through the administrator of the State Division of Career and Technical Education, coordinate all efforts in CTE education (Sections 33-2202 through 33-2212, Idaho Code). (4-5-00).