If I home-school can my son/daughter dual-enroll in a CTE program class?

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If you are homeschooling and want to take a career and technical education (CTE) program class, your child will need to enroll (as a part-time student) at their attendance-zoned home high school and participate in the spring pre-registration process. During registration, students may select/request a CTE class during the process, yet that does not guarantee them a seat in the class. (See District Dual Enrollment Policy 501.92 section: Class Size/Enrollment excerpt below) Students must meet all requirements listed in the current Course Description Handbook - see the Career & Technical Education Magnet Program section. Once the number of course sections have been determined and class times are set, over the summer, a software program maximizes the most fits to assign students their classes for the following school year, which may include first choices and/or alternative elective class requests. Students are then given a schedule right before school starts. The CTE Administration Office does not handle home high school enrollment and registration processes. Please contact the home high school to take the next step to obtain enrollment paperwork, policies, and other information including registration timelines.


Dual Enrollment District Policy Code No. 501.92 Class Size/Enrollment section (Page 3) excerpt:

"If enrollment in a specific class or program reaches the maximum for the program, priority for enrollment shall be given to a student who is enrolled full time in the public school. If a class or program is full and includes a part time nonpublic or public charter school student when a regular full time student transfers into the school during the semester, the District’s normal enrollment procedure shall remain the same and the nonpublic or public charter school student may not be disenrolled to provide space for the full time student. Regular full time students will be given priority for enrollment at the start of each semester."