How does the lottery work?

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What is the purpose of a lottery?

The purpose of the lottery is to provide an equitable system for selecting placement of students for a limited number of available class seats. If more students apply than seats are available in a CTE Magnet Program class, then students will be selected by random lottery.


Which students qualify to be in a lottery?

To be entered into the lottery, during the year prior to the course requested, students must:

•request the class during spring registration. (If the course was selected as an alternate class choice, the student will not be entered into the lottery.)

•receive a final grade of 70% or higher in any applicable prerequisite class unless specified in the current course description handbook.

•maintain an attendance record consistent with the district’s attendance policy published in the student handbook.

•sustain good classroom behavior (no zero tolerance infractions, written insubordination or safety referrals).


When will the lotteries be held?

The lottery will be conducted prior to fall registration. Each home high school sets their fall registration dates.


What is the lottery process?

1. Each school will be given an allotment of seats for each program class based on spring registration requests.

2. A computer-based random number generator will be used to select numbers to fill each class seat. Numbers, and the student names assigned to them, are then noted on a spreadsheet. Once all allotted seats are filled, the process continues in order to establish a wait list.

3. Results will be reflected on students’ class schedules, which they receive during high school registration.

4. If a seat becomes available, the option to fill the seat is offered to the first student on the wait list and so on, until the seats are filled or there are no more students on the wait list.