Students need to have an index card with their name and room number on it. This will be stamped for each lap. Please make sure students going to recess immediately after specials have their cards handy. Many teachers count the stamps either daily or weekly, which is great for the students as we tend to lose cards whenever it gets really windy and then they lose any uncounted stamps.

Teachers who have had great success in the past getting most or all of their class to their goal have set up goals with their students, then checked in with them periodically throughout the year to help them stay on track. (Example: If a student needs to get 40 miles by the end of the year, they only need to walk or run 2 laps a day, which is really helpful for the student to be able to know.) This benefits the teachers too, as teachers with full class buy-in have an extra day to get caught up on any end of year work!

There will be no double or triple stamp days this year. Please help your students be aware of this fact, so they are aware from the beginning.

New this year: any class who has 100% participation in reaching the grade level goal will receive a popcorn party for their classroom. The class from each grade level with the most miles will win a pizza party from their class.

When a student has ran/walked 10 miles they get a paper shoe to cut out, color/decorate. Place completed shoes in my mailbox, or have students bring them down to PE. Please make sure that their name and grade are written on the back of the shoe. Grade is important so it gets hung with the proper grade in the gym. Also at the ten-mile mark students will get their Run/Walk chain and first foot token.

For every ten miles run students will get a foot to put on their chain.

When a student has reached their grade level goal they get one of the little running person token for their chain. They then also qualify to participate in the Run/Walk celebration at the end of the year.

Any student who doubles their grade level mile goal will get a water bottle (end of the year)

There is no longer a prize for reaching 100 miles.

Any student who triples their grade level goal will get to join Mr. Fowler, Mr. Behrens, and Mr. Bunn for an off campus pizza lunch at the end of the year.

BEAR honesty: To encourage honesty in the Run/Walk program, there is now a streamlined way to address cheating. Any student caught cheating will have their card pulled by the stamper and will lose all stamps accumulated on it. They will need to start a new card for the next day. Cheating is defined by: 1. Cutting corners or shortening the route, 2. Not stopping when asked by the stampers/ running another lap when students have stopped, 3. Adding their own stamps to their card.

The shoes/chains/tokens are located in the staff workroom.

Grade Level Goals: 

K (all day)=  25miles        

1st=         35 miles

2nd=        40 miles

3rd=         45 miles

4th=         50 miles

5th=         55 miles

I greatly appreciate your support in the Run/Walk program and it really comes down to each teacher to make sure their kids are motivated and achieving at very least their grade level goal. A huge THANK YOU to our generous PTA for making our Run/Walk program such a success.