Lockdown Drill

Posted by Alison Ruoff on 9/13/2016

We practiced a lockdown drill today in class.  I talked to the kiddos about how it's like how we practice our fire drill once a month.  I told them that a lockdown is when there may be someone or something unsafe in or around our school.  During our lockdown we find our safe spot in the corner by my desk.  This is a place where we can't be seen from either door.  I put up our door cover and shut off the lights.  I also move some of our furniture in front of the door.  These things can be difficult for our little ones to understand.  I keep the conversation focused on this is how we would need to stay safe and that it is my job to keep them safe.  During a drill we stay put in one spot.  I talk to them a little about if we ever did have a real lockdown, the most important thing to do is stay cool like a cucumber and to follow my instructions.  If I felt that it was safer for the class to leave the school grounds we would do so together.  It is important to talk at home with your little one too.