A Look At Our First 8 Days of Kindergarten

Posted by ALISON RUOFF on 9/1/2017

Welcome to another year full of wonder in Kindergarten.  These first few weeks of school can be daunting with new schedules, mountains of paperwork, and, in Kindergarten, lots of new everything!


For some, this is their first experience in a formal school setting and others are seasoned veterans of preschool or daycare.  Our Tuition Kindergarten program here at Eagle Hills is unique and I look forward to sharing more about our class with you at our Open House night on September 7th.


If you subscribe to our Seesaw journal, you have been catching glimpses of our learning throughout the day.  We start right away with working on routines and rotating through our learning centers.  We work on everything from how to line up to perfecting our going home routine.  Many of the activities are designed to be low stress, fun, and welcoming.


I have been assessing all of the children and will share those assessments with you at parent teacher conferences.  The beauty of Kindergarten is that we all start at different places and are given exactly what we need in order to be successful. 


I can already tell that this year is going to be one for the record books.  With almost all of the students logging into their own iRead account and showing me that they are independent problem solvers.  


We have been able to explore our coding robots, post in our digital journals, and just today, had our first experience in Minecraft Education Edition.  We all make our lunch choices using our clickers and have (almost) mastered our ABC lunch order.  

Learning with Mo the Monster

We love our mixed reality app Monster on Osmo!  Just simple routines like where the supplies are and how we clean up are so, so important right now to have a successful rest of our year.  


I love to sing (even though I'm not very good) and we're learning our song cues like champions.  Our days seem to go so fast!  We did our first Wet-Dry-Try today and have our first entries in our problem solving notebooks.  


My goal for these first few weeks of school, and really the whole year, is to make your child love learning!  I want this to be a place they want to come to in the morning and I think we're off to a great start!