Minecraft Sight Word Wall - Developing Assessment Capable Visible Learners

Posted by Alison Ruoff on 8/19/2019 11:00:00 AM

Under our class documents section, you will find a list of all the Kindergarten sight words in addition to our Minecraft Sight Words.  These lists both contain the same words but the Minecraft list is broken down into six different levels (Enchanted Words, Iron Words, Golden Words, Redstone Words, Diamond Words, and Ender Words).  These levels are broken down by weeks and are in the order of how we introduce the sight words in school.  

Our year end goal is to have all Kindergarteners to know at least 70 sight words.  This list has 113 words.  The idea behind the wall in our room is to give the students agency and ownership for their learning through goal setting.  It also helps them become active participants in their learning.  We will be working on setting goals throughout the year, always with the focus being on progress, not just outcomes.

Minecraft Wall

They will initially be assessed on all of their sight words and this is counted towards their year end goal of 70, regardless of what level the words are in.  In order for them to get their Minecraft person on the wall next to a level, they need to master ALL of the words in that level.  Students will move their person to the next level as they learn the words with the end goal being Ender Words.  When they reach the Diamond Words, they also earn a set of diamond armor to put on their Minecraft person.  

Golden Words

At open house in September, I give everyone their own set of sight word flashcards in addition to the lists for you to work on at home.  You can also search through old blog posts of mine to find tip and tricks to help your little one learn the sight words if they are showing resistance to this.  I have also included in our Classroom Documents section of our website Fry's first 400 sight words, which are the words they will be working on in First Grade.  If your little one does master all levels, we will continue to challenge them with Nether Words (I need to make this level for my wall) as I haven't needed it yet but I did have some get close last year!