Koidiak Volleyball 2018

We're looking forward to our 3rd Year of Kodiak Volleyball!! 

First practice: August 13th 2018

Game Schedule Volunteers needed for home games. Sign-up here

*Note: C team will play at the oppposite location listed due to gym space

o    Players must participate in 10 practices prior to the first game to play.

o    Students participating in athletics must maintain passing grades in each of their classes to participate in games/matches/meets. Grade checks will be sent out weekly.

o    Player participation in A matches is not guaranteed. Player participation in leveled team matches will be guaranteed.

Coaching Staff:

Malia Hollowell-8th Grade A team (Hollowell.malia@westada.org), Phone: 350-4443

        -8th Grade B Team

Melissa Grow-7th Grade A Team (grow.melissa@westada.org)

Deanna Mares-7th Grade B Team

         -C Team

Fees: $90 participation fee

          $22.26 activity card


See "General Information" page for more information.