What does lunch time look like? Should they eat hot or cold lunch?

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Your child will be eating lunch at school starting at 12:15 pm.  They may eat the lunch the school provides (hot lunch) or they may bring their lunch from home (cold lunch).  Hot lunch and cold lunch are terms that your little one might not be familiar with so it is helpful at the beginning of the year to make sure they understand what each refers to.  Here is a link to School Nutrition.  You will find the lunch menu here and a link to pay online for your childs lunch account.  I strongly recommend that if your child is eating hot lunch, that you place money on their account this way.  The link for MyPaymentsPlus (online lunch account) can also be reached by clicking here.  The School Nutrition link also has information regarding free and reduced lunch, milk prices, and nutrition information.  

If your child is bringing lunch from home, it is helpful if they are able to open all of the items in their lunch boxes easily.  I do not eat lunch with the children and they are monitored by lunch room aides.  If they can open all of their items, it just means they can be more independent and they won't have to wait for someone to help help before eating.

I take lunch count every morning after announcements.  It is helpful if your child knows whether or not they are hot or cold lunch without looking in their backpack.  Have a brief dialogue with your child in the morning regarding what they are eating and the lunch choices for the day.  After they are finished eating they go outside for recess and the bell rings at 12:55.