about the next quiz

Quiz 2 Guide


IMPORTANT!!!  Flash cards (digital or hard copy) are due during the quiz.

The next quiz will be over:

  • All hiragana to date
  • Vocabulary that was on the first quiz (ohayou gozaimasu, etc.)
  • animal vocabulary and other items
  • phrases from our dialogue (ohisahiburi, okagesama de, etc.).  be sure you can spell them right.
  • "who is it?" "What is it?"
  • negative forms of desu (is/am/are not with de wa arimasen or janai yo)
  • Spelling and identifying the islands of Japan AGAIN


Please see the links below or your notes for reference.


If you want to practice, this is the "negative form of desu" worksheet (ja nai yo; de wa arimasen)