Quiz 3 guide

Quiz #3 is coming up!


Use your notes and the links  included in earlier announcements below to study the following:



  • All vocabulary to date (some will be written in hiragana)
    • You will need to be able to go from Japanese->English, as well as English->Japanese
  • Particles and their usage- in particular,
    • posessives with particle の
    • as for/talking about.../topic marker は(pronounced WA in this case)
    • question marker か
  • the two different versions (so far) of "this, that, that over there, which" -
    • これ、それ、あれ、どれ
    • この (n) 、その(n)、あの(n)、どの(n)
  • The following hiragana.  You will need to be able to convert hiragana -> roomaji, as well as convert roomaji -> hiragana
    • あ、え
    • か、く、こ、が、ぐ、ご
    • さ、し、そ、ざ、じ、ぞ
    • た、て、だ、で
    • な、に、ぬ、の
    • は、へ、ほ、ば、べ、ぼ、ぱ、ぺ、ぽ
  • Extra credit could be from anything else discussed in class on a tangent... or it could be something totally nonsensical, just to see if you are willing to participate.