review part 2

Here is our review sequence- what we just did, and what we're going to do.


Here is a drill sheet for the second half of Hiragana and Katakana.  if you turn it in as extra credit, please write that near your name.


Here is a vocabulary list as passed out in class.


Here is the dialogue assignment for class, and here is the example I read to you, as well as the questions that you answered with it.  if you did not turn it in or were absent, you can read this and answer the questions... provided you can read my hand writing.


Here are the first two notebook assignments, along with a blank calendar page, a kana chart for reference, and the "counter page"  that is also required.  If you lose the one I gave you, you can print this one out.


Last but not least, here is the TTPOV review.