Cultural Comparisons: Bathing

Cultural Comparisons: Bathing

Here's a quizlet with bathing vocabulary to date.

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I'll add links to this announcement as they become pertinant.

  1. Vocabulary list 1:  click here.
  2. Kanji drill 1:  Click here.
  3. Here is an adorable video with 雪のサル in it.
  4. Here is an adorable video of a kid telling you about Japanese bathrooms.
  5. Here is a powerpoint explaining both review and new grammars.
  6. Here is the handout on the two different ways of saying "can do."
  7. here is a video to help you practice "CAN DO"
  8. here is the exercise we did to practice asking and answering "have you done?" and "Can you do?"
  9. Have you done it?  I haven't done it.  If you have trouble saying that in Japanese- chant along with this video.  It's very helpful for nailing down the ~た こと が あります grammar.
  10. Here are the PuniPuni boys explaining ~たり、~たり する in their special PuniPuni way.
  11. Here's a handsome Japanese boy explaining how to do the ためにgrammar
  12. Here's your good friend ~B1+なけらばなりません
  13. Passive voice:  here's worksheet 1  and worksheet 2.
  14. QUIZ IS COMING!!! Study all of the above!!!

To help with studying that vovabulary, here is the game sheet (words with pictures) we used in class.

Here's a sample of a comparison video.