Wake Up and Smell the Fresh Air

Posted by Andrew Wang and Emma Brown on 10/1/2018

Clipcart Walk this way is an advisory activity that allows you to get your morning exercise with your friends. For every lap you do, you get a ticket that goes into a drawing at the end of October and November. Then again in February, March, and April. A lap counts as one time around the building. You can walk as many days as you want around the buildings and earn as many tickets as you want. You must be on the sidewalks for it to count. To get a ticket you have to be with your advisory class. You are free to walk October-April, but through the months of December and January there will be no tickets or drawings. If your class has been drawn that month the prize will be a smoothie and an uber during your advisory class. An Uber can either be a chocolate protein bar or a chocolate fruit protein bar. Cuprum Keen states, “This would improve your brain’s physical exercise, and it’ll wake you up in the mornings, so you can focus more. So, talk to your advisory teacher and get a schedule for “Walk this Way.”