Shoot for the Stars

Posted by Ashtyn on 10/10/2018

The EMS girls basketball team is starting up soon! The first day of tryouts is on the 15th.

Practice goes from 3:20-4:45. Practices are daily, and sometime teams may have morning practice at 6:30 A.M. to avoid sharing gym space.

There are going to be two teams for sure. (There isn’t a for sure C team yet) During the meeting in advisory for girls basketball, 27 girls showed which is just enough to only have an A and B team. The coach for the A team is Mrs. Devore. And for the B team Mrs. Baun.

Worried about never having played before, not preforming your best the day of? Don’t because everyone has the opportunity to play, because everyone makes a team!

On game days, players either ride a bus to their away game, or stay at school for a home game. A team starts at 4:00 and B team starts 15 minutes after A team ends. Make sure and come to one of their home games and support the basketball team!

The home game dates are listed here:

* 11/8 against Meridian Middle

* 11/15 against Victory Middle

* 12/3 against Star

* 12/5 against Sawtooth Middle

* 12/10 against Lowell Scott.

Good luck to all the girls trying out! We hope you have a great season.