Teacher of the Week!

Posted by anon. on 3/25/2019



Mrs. Gumm is a 6th grade teacher, who has been at Eagle since 2007. This week we are honoring Mrs. Gumm as the staff member of the week. Mrs. Gumm makes learning easy and fun. When you are in class most kids hope that it will be fun and that you won’t have to just listen to the teacher talk the whole time. With Mrs. Gumm its always something new, fun, and exciting. For instance, Teagon Scott (a 7th grader who used to have Mrs. Gumm) said, “It’s always something new. She made the information easy to comprehend and fun to learn.” Furthermore, everything is always positive. Mrs. Gumm’s energetic and positive personality lights up the classroom. Its almost like everyday is a great day and there is nothing that will stop it from being that way. Lastly, when working in class its always nice to work with a friend. Most of the time you don’t just want to listen to someone read or must just work by yourself. Personally, I believe that if you can work with a friend or get to do something different to learn its way easier to comprehend and your more likely to remember the information. Mrs. Gumm makes sure that there is always something new to do and more hands-on work to do rather than just reading or doing the same old worksheet. In conclusion, Mrs. Gumm is a spectacular teacher and deserves to be recognized for all her hard work and dedication.