Class work scoring

English Department Grading Policy:

Homework counts for 10%

Latework must be turned in within 2 weeks to earn any  credit.

Re-takes are limited to 2 for each assessment and must be done by the end of the following unit. 

Essay revisions may be done 1 time for each essay and must be completed within 2 weeks after being returned with a grade by the teacher. 

Practice work for all classes is weighted 0% in grade calculations.  It is not part of the grade and all scores are exempted from the grade report. In Mr. Braun's classes all assignments in this category  are scored on a 4.0 scale. It is not a percentage grade (so ignore the % and grade A-F report for these assignments). Do pay attention to the criteria for each level for each assignment. A score of 3 or higher is always proficient. A score lower than 3 is never proficient. If a rubric is used to score assessments (as are all formal essays) a rubric converter will be used to convert the scaled score to a percentage. For example a 4.0 scale with one category converts as follows. 4.0= 100%, 3.0= 82%, 2.0= 67%, and 1.0= 50%.