Chapter 5 Team Quiz 2/11/19



I just wanted to let you know I have graded and will be entering into Powerschool the grades from the team quiz.  


Overall, the quiz results are disappointing for the most part.  That is not to say that all students did poorly and I do want to congratulate those who did well on this quiz. 


Some of the performances indicates that I need to reteach concepts.  I will do that over the next week.  However, I have also observed the following about the quiz and student behavior.  


First, a number of these concepts are 5th grade concepts that support the 6th grade standards.  With that being said, I was surprised that students did poorly on them.  Also, during class practice, the students seemed to be comfortable with these concepts.  So my concern is that the focus during the quiz and before the quiz, for example in studying and note taking, may have not been a priority for students.  That focus needs to change to studying and note taking.  I have chatted with students about this and will continue to emphasize this.


Second, I use the Review/Preview questions as examples for the quiz/test questions.  With that being said, I am very concerned with the amount of students who are NOT completing their homework (Review/Preview) on a consistent and timely basis.  Students are well aware, we discuss this often in class, that quiz and test questions come from the homework and classwork.  


Lastly, for now, these grades are in the gradebook as informational grades only.  They do not currently affect their overall grades, as I want most of the students to have time to retake the quiz.  This version will be an individual quiz, not a team quiz.  They will also need to have all of their Review/Previews completed, graded, and turned in before they can retake the quiz.  I will release the grades as actual grades in about a week.  This will give students who are willing to complete a retake quiz the opportunity to complete that before grades are released into the calculation.


I plan on reviewing the quiz with students on Wednesday.  They can retake the quiz during Advisory time.


The final date for complete all Chapter 5 work is March 8th.  


Please let me know if you have any questions.