Chapter 5 Retake - 2/19/19



As a reminder, the Chapter 5 quiz is in the gradebook as an informational grade only.  I wanted to give students a chance to retake it before the quiz grade affected their overall grade.


As of this Sunday, 2/24 (my grading day), the grades for the quiz will affect the student's overall grade.  If your student wants to retake the quiz this week before the grade goes "live", they will have that option, however our schedule is a bit complicated this week due to the half day of Thursday and an assembly on Friday.


The options to retake the quiz this week are as follows:


1) Wednesday during advisory. This is a short advisory so they may have to finish the quiz during lunch.  We do NOT have advisory the rest of the week.


2) Thursday after early release.  Students will need to arrange for a ride home but they can take the quiz directly after early release.  They should plan to be picked up no later than 1:15.


If this week does not work, students can still retake the quiz until 3/8/19, but the grade that is currently in the system will affect their grade until the retake is completed and graded.


As always, students will need to have all of the Chapter 5 review/previews completed, self graded, and turned in before the retake.


Please let me know if you have any questions.