Update about Math 6 - 3/3/19



Just a few quick reminders.


First, this is the last week to retake any Chapter 5 graded assignments.  Please make sure your student is arranging a time to retake any exit tickets or quizzes they need to.  They will need to have all of the Chapter 5 Review/Previews completed.


Second, I am noticing a lot of missing or late Review/Previews.  As a reminder, although these are NOT graded, it is important students complete these on a regular basis and come prepared to ask questions about concepts they don't understand.  Almost all of the quiz and test questions come directly from the Review/Previews.  Without that independent practice, it is likely the student will struggle on the quiz or test.  I am seeing this in their current quiz grades.


Third, we do have a quiz on Tuesday, 3/5.  Students have known about this quiz for a week now.  Please make sure they are prepared for this quiz.  Again, it is mainly from the Review/Previews.  There is a list of sample questions and study topics on my website.  As a reminder, most quizzes and tests will be 70% of their total grade.  This will greatly impact their current grade.


Please feel free to contact me with questions.  Thank you for your support at home.