How Can My Student Improve Their Grade 4/18/19



I have been getting similar questions to this quite often as we need the end of the year.  I appreciate your attention to this.


Here are a few suggestions:


1) Review/Preview are not graded, however I do put the student's self graded assessment of the Review/Preview in PowerSchool so you can see that your student is completing and turning them in.  The reason I do this is so students can practice in a NO RISK environment, self grade, and reflect on their own performance.  Review/Previews are REQUIRED to be completed before students can complete any related retakes.  Currently, I have a lot of missing Review/Previews.


2) Study questions and topics are listed on my website.  Your student needs to review and practice these problems before they take the test or retake test.  They may use these as notes on their test.  They will need to study for these retakes.  


3) After your student has completed, self graded and turned in all of their Review/Preview packets and studied for their retake test, they may come in during advisory to take the retake.  They have 1 opportunity to complete the retake.


Chapter 6 retakes are due by April 26th.


Thank you for your support at home.


Dena Jozwik

Meridian Middle School

6th Grade Math