December/January natural resource research

Posted by CHERYL FIFE on 2/1/2019

  Starting in December and going through January, our team researched the defination of a natural resource and made a massive list of possible natural resources we could use for our project.  This included everything from wind energy to kid energy. 

  We settled on solar energy and then started working on ideas for our project.  Our team is very creative and ideas were flying from the very start.  We had to constantly bring our team back to reality and what we were able to make with a 3d printer in the time allowed. 

  In the end, the team found a common interest in birds, and the idea of a solar powered birdhouse came to be.  The name came next.  "A chirp off the old block."

  We met several times with our mentor, Paul Fife, who works for Idaho Power.  He gave us lots of good information about solar power and its positive attributes and limitations. 




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