One Cut

Posted by Lindsay Deverall on 4/22/2021 11:00:00 AM

   One Cut










Do you enjoy getting cozy in your sweatpants and watching Dateline or Unsolved Mysteries?  Do you like to read books that draw your attention from the first page? 


One Cut by Eve Porinchak is the true story about 6 boys living in the quiet beach town of Malibu.  One afternoon,  an incident  took place that would ultimately take a life.  This would make national headlines and change the course of all their lives forever.  


The year was 1995.  In a beautiful quiet town just outside of Los Angeles, CA a group of high school boys would spend many of their afternoons skipping school. Spending time in Mike McLoren's large, picturesque back yard was common - hanging out in his fort or taking out extra energy on a punching bag. 


This particular afternoon, best friends, Mike and Jimmy, were approached by a truckload of boys.  Words were exchanged, a knife was used, and a fight occurred. 


    According to court testimony, the boys left the scene and while they robbed a single mother of her wallet, Jimmy Farris bled to death. 

What really happened that afternoon?  

The boys stood trial as adults for manslaughter.  James "Jimmy" Farris, sixteen years old, was killed from a puncture wound to the chest.  Seventeen year old, Michael McLoren, best friend of Jimmy Farris, and owner of "the Fort" also suffered injuries. 


Jason Holland: eighteen years old, Micah Holland: Jason Holland's brother, fifteen years old.  Brandon Hein: eighteen years old.  Tony Miliotti: seventeen years old and Christopher Velardo: seventeen years old, were sentenced to the death penalty and life in prison without parole. 


The news media stood outside the courthouse, along with classmates and family members.  Rolling Stone magazine covered the trial - as the trial continued for weeks. 


If you enjoy page turning, true stories about law, courts, and history, One Cut is for you. I found it interesting to put the case in context as a reflection of what was occurring in history during 1995, the year I graduated from high school.