Lockdown: Escape From Furnace by Alexander Gordon Smith

Posted by Sarah Wilson on 4/28/2021

Lockdown Escape From Furnace Book Cover


Interview with LCMS student conducted by Mrs. Wilson

This is book 1 in the Escape from Furnace series.


Q: What type of reader would you recommend this series to?

A: Readers that like thrillers, horror, and science fiction will enjoy this series. I would recommend it to students in grades 7-9.


Q: Tell me about the main character in Lockdown.

A: Alex Sawyer is a teenager who robs houses. He was set up during one of his jobs and convicted of murdering his friend. Teenagers who commit crimes serve their sentences in a prison called Furnace.


Q: What is Furnace like?

A: The warden has inmates do weird drills in the middle of the night. Strange creatures are released if prisoners aren’t in their cells after the drills are done. You likely won’t make it back to your cell if the creatures get to you first. Everyone has jobs to do such as doing laundry, kitchen work, or mining. The food is gross. There are two gangs in the prison that beat up other inmates.


Q: Have any prisoners tried to escape?

A: Yes. One kid tried to escape through a vent in his cell. Now the vents are all replaced with PVC pipe. You might try escaping through one of the collapsed mines, but if the fleshless hounds find you… If the guards, known as the “Black Shirts,” catch you, they send you to solitary confinement.


Q: What is that like?

A: You are basically in a small dark room, with a hole in the ground for your bathroom business. You go six days without food or water. While you are there, you’d hear a lot of screams and noises that are pretty frightening coming from the tunnels hidden in the prison.


Q: Wow. This sounds like a pretty horrific book.

A: It is, but it is also a good book to read. I highly recommend it.


Here is a link to a book trailer if you’d like to know more.