Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins

Posted by Sarah Wilson on 5/6/2021

Gregor the overlander book cover


Book 1 in The Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games series.


How do you keep track of time? Most people use a calendar. Gregor keeps track of time based on his last happy memory, when he’d last seen his dad two years, seven months, and thirteen days ago.  His dad disappeared without a trace. Now, it is summer in New York City and Gregor gets to watch his two-year-old sister while his 7-year-old sister gets to go to camp. This is not the summer Gregor had in mind, but he is willing to help take care of his grandma and little sister while his mom works.


Gregor has no idea of the adventure that awaits in the basement of his apartment building. While he is doing laundry, his sister, Boots, toddles after a ball that has rolled into an old laundry grate. Before Gregor knows it, both of them are falling down a deep dark hole. To his surprise, they land safely in a dark cavern…surrounded by larger-than-life cockroaches. Boots is talking to the “Big Bugs.”


The bugs take Gregor and Boots to meet the Underland humans, people with nearly transparent skin and lavender eyes, who ride large bats. The Underlanders take Gregor to their city. He and his sister are fed, bathed, and given a nice bed to sleep in. Gregor just can’t believe this is happening and desperately wants to get home. He can’t figure out if he is a guest or a prisoner in the impenetrable castle.


During their escape, Gregor and Boots are attacked by giant, Overlander (humans) hating rats. He is nearly killed but is rescued by the Underland humans. A prophecy is revealed to Gregor that could save the Underland from darkness and find his dad. Count Gregor in! He and a troop of 9 others embark on a quest.


Join Gregor in the Underland. Unlock the secrets of the prophecy. Will Gregor and Boots find their dad? Will Gregor ever see the light of day and return to New York City? Fans of Percy Jackson, adventure novels, and Suzanne Collins will love this series.