The Candy Shop War by Brandon Mull

Posted by Sarah Wilson on 6/8/2021

Candy Shop War book cover


I was compelled to read a book by Brandon Mull this year. He is the author of these popular series: Fablehaven, The Candy Shop War, Beyonders, Five Kingdoms, and Dragonwatch. I chose to read The Candy Shop War due to its interesting title and cover artwork. This is a middle grade fantasy series that will not disappoint fans of middle grade magic series such as Harry Potter and The Land of Stories.


The Candy Shop War is about magicians wanting to find the fountain of youth without revealing their intentions to the youngsters helping them. Apparently young children are the targeted helpers of magicians since children can feel the full effects of magical candy.


Join Summer, Nate, Trevor, and Pigeon, members of The Blue Falcons club as they complete the tasks assigned to them by Mrs. White, magician and owner of the Sweet Tooth Ice Cream and Candy Shoppe. She asks the kids to acquire strange ingredients that she uses to concoct her magical candy, including candy that makes you fly, changes your identity, allows you to give someone an electrical shock, or lets you take over the body of an inanimate object!


At first, the kids enjoy helping Mrs. White with some innocuous tasks and receive magical candy as a reward. As the tasks become more difficult, dangerous, and illegal, the children begin to question Mrs. White’s intentions. Mr. Stott is another magician that the children meet along the way. He seems nice enough and sells inexpensive ice cream, a bonus when you don’t have much cash.


The kids end up questioning how they got involved in this dangerous work. They get no help from the adults, who have fallen under a daze by eating too much magical white fudge. Can they trust Mr. Stott, an aging magician who has lived in the town for years? Can they trust Mr. Dart, the man who chased them through dark alleys and tried to attack them? How will they save their families and stop Mrs. White? Who is Mr. Dart anyway?


Remember kids, don’t take candy from strangers!