Flight plans

Flight Plans!


Here are our flight plans. These are the actual E-tickets.  If you have a passport, you can get on the plane.  Boom.


I think Markyla has received a personal copy of her flight plan that will be easy for her to read (email me if you are having trouble, Markyla, and we'll figure it out or bug NP:J about it). It looks like you get to Tokyo before us and will have a minute or two to rest up. I'll have a look at the Olympic Villiage map, and send you a note about where and when we can meet you!  This will be awesome!!!

For those of us here in Boise, what I'm seeing here is:


Leave Boise Thursday, June 13 on the 8:00 AM flight (United Airlines Flight # UA1782V) for Denver.  Arrive 9:44 Denver time.

Catch flight from Denver to Tokyo (UA143V).  It leaves Denver at 1:30 pm Denver time.

Arrive TOKYO!!! 4:20pm Tokyo time. No weed jokes, please.  They will arrest you. 

It will take a couple hours to get luggage, go through immigration, customs, etc. and do currency exchange at the airport and ride into Tokyo.

See the link for return flight information.  We'll be arriving back in Boise Thursday, June 27 at 4:21 pm.