if you missed th last meeting

If you missed the last meeting-

  • We will have a final pre-departure get together at Idaho Pizza Company in Meridian on Monday, 6pm.
  • We will meet Thursday, June 13 at 6:00 AM at the Boise Airport in front of the United Airlines counter. Check at least 4 times to make sure you have your passport.
  • We will meet Markyla in Tokyo at the Olympic Village  (Markyla- email me if I forget to send a message about where we will meet)

Please create a Facebook account if you don't have one and join our trip group at 


Garrard 2019 Japan Trip



We will use this for communication and posting pics throughout the trip, and as an archive afterwards.

All participants and parents, please join the page.  Any interested relatives are welcome as well, but let's keep friends off until we get home in order to keep things uncluttered-

  • You will be able to exchange American cash at the airport in Tokyo.  Many students choose to bring half their money in cash, and half on a debit card or pre-loaded international card; others bring just cash, etc. If you will be using your debit card, please check with your bank to make sure the card will work specifically in Japan (not just "abroad"), and inform them of the dates of your trip so that they don't shut your card off when strange activity happens with it on the other side of the world.
  • For carrying money and passports securely, many students purchase a money belt or under the shirt "necklace" style travel wallet.  Whatever you decide, make sure you have a very secure way to carry your passport (you must carry it at all times).
  • Check with your cell phone carrier about functionality of your phone in Japan.  Some carriers will have special deals for travel in Japan and you can avoid extra costs.  I will also be carrying a mobile hotspot with me, so wifi should be no problem if i'm nearby.
  • Bring 3 pairs of shoes:
    • your street shoes, 
    • slippers or indoor shoes to be worn ONLY inside the school
    • gym shoes that have not been worn on the street (these may not be used- our connection was unsure)
  • Please review your student handbook carefully between now and departure. there is a link  below if you need it.
  • We discussed bathroom and bathing protocol.  You can watch these videos to get up to speed:
...and for an extensive lesson on public baths, click here.