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A  few last pre-departure notes

As I'm scurrying around today trying to get everything ready, a few last reminders came to  mind that I may not have mentioned since the first meeting,
  • Please put my cell phone number in your phone right now.  It is 208 954-1436.  No, don't come back to it, do it right now.  Good .  Now you have one way to contact me if you get lost in Denver, Tokyo, Shingu, Kyoto, etc.
  • Be sure to take a journal/diary -  you will absolutely want to remember a lots of things- places, names, addresses, and especially things that happened and who you were with.  You wil think this will be easy... however, the next two weeks will be a whirlwind. You really have no idea what is about to hit you.  Most students take time every single night to note down where they went that day and what they did, who they met, etc.  its very easy to get behind and things will get jumbled quickly, especially since you'll be pretty worn out at the end of most days, but it will be well worth it, I promise.
  • Be sure to take photos whenever appropriate- of each other, of places we go, but most importantly especially at the homestay, of the people you meet. You may never see them again, or they may come visit you someday, or you may wish to go visit Japan again someday and see them again.  get photos, write down names!
  • Maybe most importantly, leave your electronics alone.  You should NOT be staring at phones, iPads, or laptops ever, for English language entertainment, music, reading, etc. Your goal here is to soak up as much Japan as possible, and electronics can severely block that.  Worse, if you are with company, they will find you quite rude if you are not involved in reality with them.  That being said, phones are great tools for photos (obviously), uploading to our Facebook page (remember, I'll have a mobile hotspot), and translating words and phrases  with dictionaries  or even google translate (you may find that Optical Google Translate fun to play with- but never trust translators 100%). 
  • iPads and laptops are great for storing photos and typing journal entries, but can be pretty impractical for a lot of day-to-day stuff, not to mention the danger of theft and misplacing.  Of course, everyone has their own way of handling electronics- 
Please call or text with questions you have today!  i may update as i come across other things today-