LHMS Announcements

All students and staff are required to have their ID visible each day.


Staff of the Week: Hanna Hillier

I nominate Ms. Hillier for Staff of the Week. She has been a great helper teacher for showing me the site and the ropes with Power-Teacher. Thank you Ms. Hillier for always taking time to help your peers.

 FRIDAY NIGHT SCHOOL: For students who have excess tardiness and/or missing work and low grades, will serve Friday Night School (3:15 to 5) eve-ry other Friday. We plan on starting this Oct. 4th.

Achievement News

LHMS was above the State ISAT Average in every category!

• ELA was higher by an average of 9% • Math was higher by an average of 8%

• 7th Grade ISAT came in at 70% 

     • District average - 69% • State average - 51%