Art Club 2019-2020

Posted by Chloe Miller on 8/23/2019

 Welcome to Rocky's Art Club page! 
We are here to appreciate art and support each other's creative growth.
Art club is a great way for students at Rocky Mountain High School to practice
creative process and share their expertise as learners and makers.
We strive for an inclusive, supported and creative environment to explore new ideas and collaborative projects.

Together, each year we create one large sculpture to build community within
Rocky and helping the whole school recognize the beauty that exists in creating art. 

Our first meeting will be Wednesday September 11, 2019, at LUNCH, in room A9.

In this initial meeting, we will decide what day we would like to meet and discuss some ideas of what students would like to accomplish this year in art club.
We will vote for commited officers to hold positions to help run Art Club.

This year; we are anticipating volunteer work, and will have a sale at the RMHS Annual Art Show, which usually occurs in April.
This is our moment to raise money for materials of student's choice, and an education charity!

A guest artist will demonstrate tie-dye this fall, members are encouraged to collect cotton clothing for participation. (Date TBA)


As a member of Art Club you will have a say in what happens in Art Club - it is your club and you will help plan the activities that take place.
This club is mainly student run, and members are able to create with our collaborative projects, or work on their own personal creations. 

So - Come join us - !!!!!
Listen to the announcements for up coming Art Club information and keep checking out this website for updates!
Art club is your kingdom to create art without limits! Join us!