Week of Sept 23-27

Posted by Ariel West on 9/20/2019

Reading Focus: text and graphic features

Words of the week: all, does, here, me, my, who

Weekly Story: Lucia's Neighborhood (non-ficition)

Weekly phonics study: words with short e (and review consonants y,w,k,v,j)

Writing:Throughout the year we will be focusing on narratives, informational, and persuasive types of writing. Near the end of the year we will also have a research project. We will also be practicing neat handwriting, spacing between letters and words, and capitalization, punctuation (. ? !) all year long. We learned how to write a one star sentence the past week (a sentence with a noun and a verb). We will be practicing with them for another week and then learn how to write a 2 star sentence (a sentence with a noun, verb, and adjective). 

Grammer: We have learned about nouns, verbs, and possessive s. This week we will be learning about adjectives.

Science: We are going to try and start our first NEW science unit; light and sound this week. This year all first grade science curriculum was updated so all units are different. I am so excited to start science! I am a part of a grant called Project Lead the Way which puts more STEM into our science units. We will be learning the same concepts as the other classes but using this program instead. I used some last year and the kids had so much fun building and creating during science time. 

Social Studies: We are wrapping up our first social studies unit about rules and citizenship. 

Math: We will be applying what we know about composing numbers into word problems. 


Upcoming Events: 


Sept 25: Individual School Pictures (Picture packets are in your child's blue folder)

Sept 26: Field Trip to the Ag Expo at Meridian High School from 9:30-11:30am 

Sept 26: Back to School Night - COLOR RUN! It starts at 5:30pm (Another reminder will be sent home on Monday)


Oct 10: Desert Sage Night at the Farmstead. A teacher just might have to KISS a pig! (more information is coming)





 REMINDER: I do not provide a class snack. If you would like your child to have a snack during the day, please pack them one daily. We have an afternoon snack to help keep our brains alert and ready to learn. I have a fridge for those snacks that need to stay cold (fruit, cheese sticks, yogurt, etc.) Please remember that we have around 5-7 minutes to eat snack; they should not be huge. There have been a lot of snacks that have been quite large. Snacks should be only one item (please only send one item per day). We don't always have a lot of time to eat snack. 



There are 2 birthdays this month; Beau and Myla! We will be combining the August birthdays with September. We will  be having these birthday celebrations on Friday the 27th of September from 2:00-2:30. If you would like to bring in a sweet treat; there can only be one :) Please e-mail me to let me know if you are interested. 


Box Tops

Please click the link for more information about the new way to collect Box Tops: Box Tops Website


Please see the Seesaw tab on the left hand side of this website. Seesaw is so much fun to use in the classroom! I sent home instructions in the Welcome to First Grade packet at Meet and Greet. I would love to have everyone (who would like to participate) have their accounts made by next week. If you are not wanting your child to participate - please let me know. 


Please see the Class Dojo tab on the left hand sife of this website. I am excited to use it this year. You will have the opportunity to see live updates on how your child is behaving in class. I sent home instructions in the Welcome to First Grade packet at Meet and Greet. I would love to have everyone (who would like to participate) have their accounts made by next week. If you are not wanting your child to participate - please let me know. 



Blue folders are in your child's backpack! Please make sure you are checking your child's backpack every Friday and taking out the weekly blue folder. It is filled with weekly work, important information about upcoming events, and their weekly reading log/spelling practice. It is to be returned every Friday. 


Back To School Night Color Run! 

Color Run Info


Apple Week is upon us (Sept. 23-27)! Fall is upon us and so is Johnny Appleseed's birthday. We celebrate with apple activities throughout the week and then end the week with making apple sauce. Please see your child's blue folder with more information about making applesauce on Friday Sept 27th!



Our class took their first ISIP test this week and did amazing. They all stayed focused and followed all the steps to stay quiet and raised their hands when they needed a break. We will be taking these every month. I will have a more detailed report on how your child is doing during parent teacher conferences in October. 


Please remember that the weather is getting cooler. Please have your child start bringing a light jacket for those morning recesses. 


EXCITING NEWS! The WHOLE school is going to start having a healthy morning snack every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It will be a different fruit or veggie every day. The fruits and veggies will be uncommon ones that the students might not always have access to or be able to try. Our first morning snack starts on Tuesday. Please continue to send your child with a snack for the afternoon. This does not replace it.

If you have any other questions, please e-mail me!

Let's have another great week of school!

Ariel West


Please remember that EVERY child recieves FREE (yes, FREE) breakfast every morning and lunch in the afternoon.

I encourage you to have your child partake if your mornings are choatic and time is short. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!