Week of Nov 11-Nov 15

Posted by Ariel West on 11/10/2019

Reading Focus: story structure and dialogue

Words of the week:eat, give, put, small, one, take

Weekly Story:Cupcake Party (fantasy)

Weekly phonics study: words with final blends (mp, sk, st, nk, etc.) and review words with the short u shound

Writing:Throughout the year we will be focusing on narratives, informational, and persuasive types of writing. Near the end of the year we will also have a research project. We will also be practicing neat handwriting, spacing between letters and words, and capitalization, punctuation (. ? !) all year long. The students are writing their own narrative this week. We are working through our learner progression making sure that we have all the elements of a narrative (beginning, middle, and end). 

Grammer: using a, an, the

Science:  This year all first grade science curriculum was updated so all units are different. I am so excited to start science! I am a part of a grant called Project Lead the Way which puts more STEM into our science units. We will be learning the same concepts as the other classes but using this program instead. I used some last year and the kids had so much fun building and creating during science time. We have learned all about sound waves and the vibrations they make. We have also concluded our investigation about light. We did many experiments on how light reacts to solid, clear, and colored items. We also created our own stained glass art that is hanging on our window. Be sure to look at it after school! We will applying what we know and building a model that can use light and/or sound to communicate across a distance. It should be fun! 

Social Studies: N/A

Math: We are done with our first math unit. We will be taking our end of module assessment this week. and then start our 2nd Module. We are learning about subtraction now and how addition and subtraction are similar. If we are becoming fluent in adding, then subtraction will be a little easier. We are using drawings and the number track to help us undertand what subtraction is. 


Upcoming Events: 

Nov 11: Veteran's Day - we will be doing several activities involved with Veteran's Day. If you or your family members are veterans, I would like to give you a BIG thank you!

Nov 11-15: Book Fair Week - See flyer that went home with a preview of books that are available to buy. It had times that students could buy and the date of the K.I.S.S. event. Our preview is on Monday; the student's will bring home a wishlist...you do not have to buy the books on the wishlist. 

NOV 11-15: Canned Food Drive - Please have your child bring in any noparishable food item and put them in the cans in the front of the school.

Nov 15: Harvest Party @ 1:40-2:30pm Parents are welcome to come join in on the fun! Please see below with more information.

Nov 13: Picture Retakes

Nov 19: Delta Dental Sealent Clinic (over multiple days) Please see form that was sent home 2 weeks ago.

Nov 25-29: NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Break

Dec 6: NO SCHOOL- Teacher collaboration day

Dec 13: Winter Music Program - The students will be singing Christmas songs from around the world. We will be singing two from the United States and one from Africa. I do not have a time yet. 

Dec 23-Jan 3: NO SCHOOL Winter Break





 REMINDER: I do not provide a class snack. If you would like your child to have a snack during the day, please pack them one daily. We have an afternoon snack to help keep our brains alert and ready to learn. I have a fridge for those snacks that need to stay cold (fruit, cheese sticks, yogurt, etc.) Please remember that we have around 5-7 minutes to eat snack; they should not be huge. There have been a lot of snacks that have been quite large. Snacks should be only one item (please only send one item per day). We don't always have a lot of time to eat snack. 



There are 2 birthdays this month; Adelynn and Ally! We will  be having these birthday celebrations on Friday the 22nd of November from 2:15-2:30. If you would like to bring in a sweet treat; there can only be one :) Please e-mail me to let me know if you are interested. (There is no school on the last Friday of October, that is why we are celebrating a week earlier). 


Box Tops

Please click the link for more information about the new way to collect Box Tops: Box Tops Website


Please see the Seesaw tab on the left hand side of this website. Seesaw is so much fun to use in the classroom! 


Please see the Class Dojo tab on the left hand sife of this website. I am excited to use it this year. You will have the opportunity to see live updates on how your child is behaving in class. If you are not wanting your child to participate - please let me know.  ** I will not be using the portfolio portion of this app. I use Seesaw instead because the format is easier for students to use.



Blue folders are in your child's backpack! Please make sure you are checking your child's backpack every Friday and taking out the weekly blue folder. It is filled with weekly work, important information about upcoming events, and their weekly reading log/spelling practice. It is to be returned every Friday.  

 We will be taking ISIP every month. Once we take it this month, I will send home the updated graphs. We will be taking in the week before Thanksgiving Break. 

Please remember that the weather is getting cooler. Please have your child start bringing a light jacket for those morning recesses. 





At Desert Sage we do not have Halloween Parties. Please do not have your child come to school in their costume. Please try your best to keep all candy at home the next day as well. Remember: candy is not considered to be a healthy snack for the afternoon. Instead of a Halloween Party we have Harvest Parties in November. Please look above in the Upcoming Dates section to see when the party will be. During our Harvest Party we will be having a Literary Pumpkin Walk. We will be decorating paper pumpkins to describe our favorite part, characters, etc. from a story that week. Your student will present it to you. The whole first grade will come together and create pumpkin puppets and use them to recite a section of the poem "5 Little Pumpkins." Afterward, I will provide each student with a rice krispie treat. I need one parent to provide juice boxes. If you would are able to bring those, please e-mail me to let me know. Siblings are welcome to join us, we jut won't have enough supplies for them to make a puppet, they will have to help their first grade brother/sister. If you are not able to make it, please let your child know. It is best that they are prepared for you to not be there than be upset because they got their hopes up. 



If you have any other questions, please e-mail me!

Let's have another great week of school!

Ariel West


Please remember that EVERY child recieves FREE (yes, FREE) breakfast every morning and lunch in the afternoon.

I encourage you to have your child partake if your mornings are choatic and time is short. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!