Friday Tests - letter to students

Posted by A Michelle Mayfield on 10/8/2020

Dear Parents,  In an attempt to help our students become more responsible and take ownership of their grades, I sent this reminder email to students.  They should spend some time (15 - 30 minutes) tonight studying for tomorrow's tests.    
Dear Students,
Tomorrow you will be completing our three regular Friday tests.  Whether you are at home are at school, my expectation is that you will do your best work and complete all three.  The tests will all listed in our daily schedule, but I wanted you to be aware today so you could take some time to study and prepare.  
1) Reading Comprehension Lesson 4 - Please review theme and compare/contrast.  Tell someone at home a theme from Mixed-up Files and give two details from the story that prove that theme.  Describe two things that are the same and two things that are different between yourself and someone else at home.  Describe with 5th grade details, not just "I'm a girl and you're a boy."  Review what RACE stands for so you remember to include all the parts in your answer.  
2)Lesson 4 Grammar - This test is checking your knowledge of common and proper nouns and capitalization rules.  Tell someone at home what nouns you should capitalize and why.  
3) Lesson 4 Vocabulary - This test is checking your knowledge of the 10 vocabulary words we worked on this week.  You may practice the words and definitions from the paper in the writing section of your binder, or listen to Lesson 4 Flipgrid presentations from your classmates.  
Have a great evening!  I look forward to grading your tests!
Michelle Mayfield
5th Grade Teacher
Prospect Elementary
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