Valentine's Day Expectations

Posted by A Michelle Mayfield on 1/27/2021

Dear parents and students,

Our Valentine's party is coming up.  In order to accommodate Covid procedures, we will need to collect the Valentine's on Monday, February 8th for students to distribute to their classmates. Your student can write his/her name on the valentine, but please do not write the names of other students in the classroom to help with classroom distribution.  We recommend students bring in cards or favors.  If valentines include candy, it needs to be in sealed packages.  Please do not send in homemade treats.  On February 12th, we will be providing a prepackaged treat for students to eat with their lunch.  We will also be having Valentine's art and a movie at the end of the day.  We look forward to celebrating with your students!



Your 5th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Mayfield, Mrs. Leininger, Miss Gilkey