End of Semester 1

Posted by A Michelle Mayfield on 1/28/2021

Dear Parents and Students, 
Tomorrow marks the end of semester 1.  As a result, I would encourage you to look at the Standards Grades posted in PowerSchool.  In class today, we went over how to find them, so students should be able to show parents both the Standards Grades (report card grades) and in the individual assignment grades that contributed to the Standards Grades.  Please take some time this weekend to look over these grades together and make some goals for next semester. 
With Valentine's Day coming up, please remember if students want to share valentines, please refer to my previous email or blog and send the valentines to school on Monday, February 8.  We have 31 students in our class. 
I also wanted to let parents know that students have been working on their squares for our class quilt.  We are putting together quilt blocks, one for each student.  The students are writing the names of 3 - 4 books on book ends which I will be sewing on to their square.  It will be made into a bookshelf quilt.  I will the assemble and tie the quilt.  We will hang it in our class for a few weeks and then donate it to Sleep in Heavenly Peace (a nonprofit organization that provides beds and bedding to children who do not have any).  This is the second part in our community service efforts in our classroom.  The first part is making loom knit hats that we donate to the Meridian Food Bank.  We donated about 20 hats in December and have another 14 completed that we will be donating in early February.  If you would like to take your child to the Food Bank to donate these hats, please let me know.  
As the second semester starts, I will be expecting more independence from students.  Our weekly schedule is posted online weekly, so students have no excuse for knowing when assignments are due, and they should be well aware of daily assignments.  Please encourage your child to take more responsibility for their schoolwork by having them regularly check PowerSchool and our weekly schedule at home.  This will be a huge help and preparation for Middle School.  
We will be starting our new novel, Wonder, next week.  It is about a boy who is picked on because of a facial deformity.  It is told from many points of view and provides many opportunities to discuss how children reacted to each other and why.  
We are well into our We the People Unit.  It will end with our Rights Essay and presentation.  Due to Covid, we will not have our regular parent presentation, but I am working on having students record their presentations in Flipgrid and they will be able to share with parents that way.  
As always, thank you so much for all your support.  I hope you are all staying healthy.  
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