No School - No Concert - No Festival - It's ok

Hello VMS CHoir Tribe - I wanted to reach out to you all and let you know that because school is cancelled we will not be having our concert at MVHS on April 2nd. We will also be out for the choir festival April 16th. Which means that we won't worry about the Boise festival on Aprli 29th.

It is perfectly alright to be sad about all of these dissapointing changes. I know I am. However, it is also important to remmebr that music isn't about the performance. Music is not about being up on stage and singing something once in public. Music is so much more! Music is about connecting to the people around you, about expressing your thoughts, feelings, and the world around you. Music is about so much more than a concert. We will find ways to make music togehter - you have my word on it. 

-Aimee Atkinson