Your Librarians, Then & Now

Posted by Sarah Wilson on 2/4/2021

Mrs. Deverall and Mrs. Wilson were reminiscing on their middle school years and first library experiences. We had fun recollecting, and hope you enjoy this blog post and learn something about your librarians.

Your Librarians Then...

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 Mrs. Deverall


Your Librarians Now...

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Q: What was your favorite book series, author, or stand-alone novel in middle school?

LD: The Giver, by Lois Lowry

SW: Stephen King

Q: What was your earliest memory of being in a library, school or public?

LD: It was a preschool field trip to the Boise Public Library. I still remember the smell of the library and the red velvet carpet. 

SW: Going to Cascade Public Library with my mom and sisters. We got to check out puzzles and books. The librarian was always nice and gave us stickers.

Q: Why is reading meaninful to you?

LD: It has turned me into a life longer learner and seeker of knowledge.  Reading helps me to be more empathatic and experience what it is like to walk a day in some one else's shoes. 

SW: Reading has always helped me relax and feel happy. I love reading all kinds of stories (fiction and nonfiction) and learning about people and events. Reading connects me to new people, ideas, and experiences.

Q: What are some things that you love about working in the library?

LD: Everyday is different!  I enjoy making connections with students through books and recommendations.  I love discovering new books and hidden gems.  

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 SW: I enjoy getting to know the students and finding out what they enjoy reading. It makes my heart happy when a student tells me how much they loved a book that I recommended to them. I also love the challenge of finding the "right" book for a finicky reader.

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