Week of October 18th

Hello families,

I can't wait to talk to you all next week during our scheduled conference time! Remember to let me know if there's something specific you would like to spend that time on so I can come prepared. Also, due to conferences, we will have no school on Thursday the 21st and Friday the 22nd. Your child will bring home a packet on Monday that we will use to guide our conference so you have time to look over it before we meet. 
We had a great presentation this afternoon from a firefighter! They learned that they should have a plan for how to get out of the house, a family meeting spot, and what a firefighter looks like in full gear so they know to go to them if they are stuck in a fire instead of hiding. 
During our 3-day week, we will pause our typical routine for reading and we will dive into a trade book on polar bears and focus on comprehension skills and informational text. We will make observations, use text evidence, and practice some vocabulary skills we've learned so far this year. 
There will be no spelling test, so please use the time you would spend on spelling each night to do a little extra reading.
In math, we will finish up our unit on measurement and take our end-of-module test at the end of the week. Students should be able to measure in inches and centimeters using a standard ruler, as well as add and subtract numbers relating to measurement. Continue to practice math facts, please!
We will also use the week to lean into our science unit on animal biodiversity. Students have been classifying animals and are trying to figure out what animal lives in Bracken Cave (hint: it's bats!). This week they will discover why different birds have different beaks, design their own bird feeder, and decipher frog species by their sounds. It should be a fun week to ask what they did at school each day!
Upcoming Dates and Reminders:
  • Oct. 20th & 21st - Parent/Teacher Conferences (CLICK HERE to view your scheduled time)
  • Oct. 21st & 22nd - No School!
  • Oct. 29th - School-Wide Halloween Celebration: This year we will not have a traditional "party", but we will do Halloween-related academic activities that day as well as a costume parade in the afternoon. Students may wear their costumes to school.
  • Nov. 22nd-26th - Thanksgiving Break

As always, please reach out if you need anything at all, I'm happy to hear from you!